Values & Philosophy


The RE/MAX philosophy says: the success of the individual helps drive the success of all others. In offering both Broker/Owners and Sales Associates the independence and the support to grow professionally and perform at the highest levels, RE/MAX has become the unrivalled leader and is the industry’s best franchise buy. Moreover, as we continue to grow, each year we attract more qualified people to our network.


 Everybody Wins!

Professional Vision

The basic idea Dave and Gail Liniger started is still the vision pursued by RE/MAX all across the globe: “Improve the working environment and the income potential of Sales Associates as well as their professional service level – and their chances of success will also increase.” This always keeps the end-consumer in focus and is known as the “RE/MAX Culture of Professionalism”.

Innovative Concept

This environment of a professional culture is the best premise for realizing the RE/MAX concept of “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” in which everyone has their own part to focus on and be successful in: Regional Directors guide Broker/Owners in recruiting, retaining and supporting Sales Associates. Broker/Owners motivate their Sales Associates and provide them with support for any real estate endeavors.

Clever System

The “Everybody Wins” strategy both closes the winning circle and opens the door to constant growth, from which everyone benefits. In an environment where everybody focuses on their specific tasks and goals, they can also fully rely on the others to fulfill their part – Regional Directors drive market growth, Broker/Owners lead their group and Sales Associates provide top notch services to end-customers who rely on professional guidance in every real estate decision.

Always Open for Everyone

The Regional Owners and Directors guide their Broker/Owners – the backbone of the global growth – in supporting and motivating their Sales Associates. The Broker/Owners provide opportunities and business planning and in turn, Sales Associates concentrate on relaying those maximum services to their end customers.

In business for yourself, but not by yourself

At RE/MAX you run your business independently, but you are never alone in daily operations or in long-term business planning. You are always backed by RE/MAX’s strong network in Europe, benefiting from support in training, referrals, marketing, technology and administration. This enables you to reach your full potential by concentrating on what you do best.

Your Effort, Your Reward

When selling property, you also want to keep the maximum gain possible and not give up a large part of your commission. With RE/MAX you only pay a management fee and a share of monthly office overhead, while keeping the maximum commission for yourself and receiving the numerous benefits of RE/MAX programs and services. All of them are designed to enable you to reap the maximum reward for your efforts.

Your Plans, Your Goals

Whether a Broker/Owner or Sales Associate, at RE/MAX you create your own business plans and set your own targets and income goals. This enables you to do business at any level you desire and work to the best of your ability. You do not depend on top-down approval and a manager will not control how many properties you handle. On the contrary, RE/MAX will respond with support to your innovative ideas and this will lead to increased productivity.

Get Personal with Your Own Ideas

As a RE/MAX Associate, you are free to be creative with unlimited promotions and advertising to determine how to best invest in your individual business set up. So be innovative – RE/MAX Sales Associates are groundbreakers! Besides embracing personal promotion with attention-grabbing methods, they accommodate educational programs to fit their specific needs and adapt technology to best support the selling of real estate.

You Sell, You Choose

With RE/MAX you don’t have to hassle with keeping shared equipment running, staff payroll, brokerage bills or developing marketing systems tailored to your business. The RE/MAX system lets you focus on selling real estate, and even gives you the flexibility to choose your favourite listings and personal sales specialities. Residential, commercial, apartments, houses, luxury homes, land, relocations, rentals... you decide in which area you will succeed to best serve your customers’ needs.

Pride Unlimited

At RE/MAX your success has no limits but your own ability, determination and hard work. There are absolutely no restrictions and you have the freedom to develop your full business potential. Becoming a successful entrepreneur not only earns you respect from your industry peers, it also generates the intense internal pride that comes from being independent and making it your own way! Join the RE/MAX family in Europe today!

Superior Corporate Principles

The RE/MAX Difference – a Culture of Professionalism
Revolutionizing the world is easy with RE/MAX. This is what sets RE/MAX apart from the rest: revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted in Europe. Broker/Owners provide maximum support to their Sales Associates who in turn provide professional and reliable service to their end customers taking a major step in life: buying, selling or renting a property. The RE/MAX network is extensive, as are the resources we provide to let you connect to your RE/MAX fellow Sales Associates. Cooperation is an integral part of our RE/MAX concept. Through this “Culture of Professionalism” RE/MAX Associates distinguish themselves – this is the RE/MAX difference.

Code of Ethics
The RE/MAX Code of Ethics outlines the professional conduct expected of all RE/MAX Broker/Owners and Sales Associates. The Code of Ethics – unique in the industry – insists on honesty, fairness, accountability and unprecedented standards. Its common quest is one for highest standards."