Who is the "Sales Associate" RE/MAX 

The RE/MAX Customer Experience

About 600 million people need a home. For RE/MAX this means 600 million opportunities. This is accompanied by the goal of being better than all the others every time. Each RE/MAX customer has the right to receive the best possible service and the best possible selection. But this can only work when our brokers and agents are the best in their markets.

The RE/MAX Maximum Commission Model

We want our agents to invest in their own companies because we are convinced that this is the best motivation for our partners. This is precisely what the RE/MAX Maximum Commission Model enables. Each successful closing with RE/MAX results in a maximum gain for one’s own company.

The A-B-C of Customer Focus

“A” – Attention/Accountability

One of the most important keys to the exponential growth of RE/MAX in Europe is the focus on customers, with its three focal points: 1) Broker/Owners and 2) Sales Associates serve 3) the end-consumers. This focus on all three groups – Broker/Owners, Sales Associates and end-customers – paves the way for success: With the support tools and services offered by RE/MAX Europe, Broker/Owners and Sales Associates have a solid basis and the time and energy to achieve the best for their customers.

“B” – Business Referral Customers

The tremendous growth of RE/MAX also means added service. With the RE/MAX Referral System, RE/MAX Associates are able to help end-customers moving to a new area find the right home before they relocate. And the referral system provides a new source of home buyers to RE/MAX Associates and listing clients at the new area. Since RE/MAX Associates always – due to the Code of Ethics – look after a base of satisfied customers, referrals are top quality prospects of being ready to do business or becoming repeat customers; referrals make any RE/MAX Associate thrive in any real estate market.

“C” – Customers for Life

The RE/MAX system encourages the “Customer for Life” concept. Once initial contact has been established, Sales Associates maintain this connection, nurturing it into a trusted relationship. But not only do Sales Associates provide guidance through the important life decision of buying or selling a property, they also keep the customers’ interests in mind throughout all of life’s stages: A new addition to the family? A new job in another city? A holiday home in another country? Sales Associates always anticipate and respond to their customers’ every real estate need.